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Christmas Tree With Presents. Blue Jay In the Snow - Reverse Iris Fold. Mola Christmas Ornament. Mola Christmas Star. Kirigami Poinsettia. Tea Bag Fold Christmas. Sep 11, 2010 · Use a simple Tea Bag Fold to create a 3-D Christmas Tree Card! Jan 26, 2009 · Tea bag folding is almost like origami and the step by step instructions of this holiday tree really make your pattern stand out from others. I hate when I visit a site and all I find is a link to a different article.

To make this Christmas tree, you need 3 squares of paper; a 3″ x 3″ square, a 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ square, and a 2″ x 2″ square. Card stock will work, but it is much easier to fold. “Tea Bag Fold” Rustic Christmas Tree. It has been a while since I had created a “tea bag fold” Christmas tree and thought it would be fun to make another one for this card. (HERE is my first one, and here is a tutorial on how to make it. ) Paper used on this card is Snowflake Mix. Home - Projects - Tea Bag Cards - Christmas tree card.

Christmas tree card Description. Tea bag paper folded and mounted in the shape of a tree. The front of the card is cut to echo the shape of the tree. Dec 09, 2012 · The tea bag folded Christmas tree makes a pretty and dimensional focal point.

The Festival of Prints designer series paper stack provided the inspiration for the colors and gave the tree its unique patterns. Nov 17, 2013 · Welcome to The Wonderful World of Origami. I hope you enjoy this ancient and exquisite art as much as I do. This blog was created with the purpose of sharing different origami designs created by famous origami folders around the world.

Tea Bag Christmas Tree At 9pm in our house, homework stops for tea time. The husband and the teenagers pause for a bit, gather around the kitchen island, and enjoy a cup of tea. Tea Bag folding is a paper crafting technique from Holland, where tea bags are traditionally wrapped with a decorative paper.

The simple folding technique is part Origami and part paper airplane. Individually folded squares of paper are assembled into a dimensional design and usually mounted on a flat surface. Teabag folding | Tea Bag Folding @ Round Tiles Page 1 See more.

Learn to make an original version of the tea bag fold Christmas tree for handmade holiday cards. Find this Pin and more on Teabag Folding by Jane Martin. This design is two sided. For the back do not fold the tab in as I show in Step One above. Today's Christmas Tea Tree craft is the tea version of those topiaries, except that they are lighter, prettier, and best of all.

healthier! This project requires just a few items, the first of which are individually wrapped tea bags. Dec 05, 2014 · Teabag Folded Christmas Tree Decorations; Teabag Folded Christmas Tree Decorations.

December 5, 2014 — 8 Comments. Hi John I love these decorations. I started card making with tea bag folding and I never would have thought to make decorations like this. I am looking forward to your post tomorrow. Hugs. Projects Index of Tea bag folding: Tea bag card 1 Christmas tree: Tea bag card 2 Pansy corners: Tea bag card 3 Birthday Window: Tea bag card 4 Japanese Kimono Origami: Teabag card 5 Leaf and Teabag Christmas Card: Teabag card 6 Music Blues CD Card: Teabag card 7 Dec 10, 2012 · Tea bag folding was invented in the Netherlands, in the 1990s by a woman named Tiny van der Plaas.

The story goes that Tiny wanted to create a special card and hit upon the idea as she was folding her tea bag cover over and over.

Dec 8, 2017. Learn to make an original version of the tea bag fold Christmas tree for handmade holiday cards. A set of simple 4 x 5 inch greeting cards could. Original pinner sez: Teabag card with paua shell: Some tea bag folding cards for your comments. This is something else I really enjoy doing, it is interesting to. Teabag Folding - Using basic triangle fold with an upturn fold on each side.

Christmas. Sleepy in Seattle: Christmas Dahlia Fold. Tea bag folding xmas tree x. the same fold used to make Christmas trees - Tea bag folding instructions using round. How to make a beautiful Christmas tree card using tea bag folding.

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